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Rise & Re-invent in 90 Days Buying Desire Bootcamp.

Reinvent your Client Journey with Buying Desire to accelerate your Sales & Grow!
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Hello Beauty and Wellness Leader,

You know your business has the potential for higher sales, but how can you achieve it?

This course will grant you 3 wishes:

  1. Your clients will ASK your service providers to sell them products and treatments.
  2. Your clients will WANT to book the services you offer more often without discounts.  
  3. Your clients will SHARE your business with the highest reviews and send their friends.

That’s right. This course is going to give you the secret ingredientthe ONE thing that’s missing from all the hard work you do to grow your sales…. Buying Desire. 

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Instead of relying on your service providers to do the selling. Or the front desk to do the “closing”. You can rely on your clients to do the buying.

Selling is a "push" energy. That's why we don't like it. 

Buying is a "pull" energy. That's why people want it.

The Buying Desire Course teaches you strategic communication and branding (online and in store) so the RIGHT CLIENTS for your business want to BUY MORE of what you offer for the value, not the discount.

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What is Buying Desire?

Buying Desire is the unique emotion people feel that compels them to buy, book & share.

Until now, we have used training, incentives, commissions and contests to motivate our service providers to sell more. 

We have also used benefits, features, discounts, and time sensitive offers to motivate our clients to buy more. 

I’m here to show you a different approach. One that will absolutely, definitely, transform the way you see your business, your team and the clients you serve. 

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"Eye-opening. Thought Provoking. Practical."

What’s in this course?

My special proven formula of Buying Psychology, Neuroscience, Client Empathy, Branding Strategies and Insight Marketing to reinvent YOUR WAY. Includes step by step hand holding and high fives. Clearly outlined worksheets and live group coaching and, most importantly, the awesome energy you need to make this work. 

  • Develop a passionate connection with your business and your brand.
  • Create intimate relationships with your clients and their needs. 
  • Embrace your unique philosophy and build your tribe.
  • Empower your team to win each day.
  • Monetize your efforts.
  • Use your digital resources
  • Your clients and your team will turn into raving fans and help you grow. 

The bottom line is that people don’t like to feel “sold to” but they do love to buy beauty, health and wellness. The global spend proves it. Until you learn to create buying desire, you will feel that increasing your sales and motivating your team is a constant struggle.

We're at a pivotal moment in our industry and a giant wave of disruption has hit us to change the way consumers are engaging with brands. The old paradigm is changing fast. Consumers are jaded, savvier and have more options at their fingertips than ever. If you don't know how to surf this new wave of generating buying desire through every step of your customer journey, it's quite likely you will be swept out to sea. Now more than ever, you must listen to that little voice in your head that says 'there must be a better way'. Let me introduce you to that better way in this course. I promise it will change how you look at your beauty and wellness business forever. You will be impressed at the greatness that will come out of your brilliant mind.

How does it work?

5 modules, 12 videos (approx 20mn each), downloadable worksheets to capture your valuable insights. You can do this at your own pace over 12 months or with our 90 day group. Join the facebook group, get on live Zoom Q&A calls. Share examples, strategies, questions and success stories. Grow and succeed with a powerful community of game changers to ensure your business of the future. 

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How long does it take?

The average completion is 90 days. The last lesson teaches you to create a new vision for success based on what you have learned. This will turn into a strategic plan and you can take a year to implement. This course will inspire you to stay relevant and profitable for years to come.

Can Tanya teach us in person?

Tanya’s fees are $6,000 to $12,000 for private sessions. The best use of your funds is to start with the course and then hire her to come to your property to implement. 

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“This online course is unlike anything I have ever seen before, Tanya is amazing.”

"After implementing just a few strategies from Tanya's program, we made our entire monthly sales target in half the time! My guests were inspired and my team felt excited and supported by this unique initiative. I love her energy and highly recommend Tanya’s masterclass coaching."

Constance Chapalain
Regional Spa Director Four Season Resort Mauritius at Anahita and Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti


Uncover the 5 motivating factors behind every sale. Identify your client's unique spending drivers.  Learn what holds them back and how to overcome it. 


Define your signature client dialogue to clarify your value and increase sales through your posts, newsletters and other client communications.


Build your plan to stimulate Buying Desire that will achieve your performance goals for your busines and unique client demographic.


Gain confidence and ignite your passion. Create your vision for success in the four areas of spa wealth and the action plan to keep you moving forward.

Learn From The Best

Over the past 20 years, I’m privileged to have inspired and educated literally THOUSANDS of the best salons, spas and vendors in our industry in over 60 countries – and it’s just the beginning.

"Tanya’s course revolutionized how our health centre is now approaching every aspect of our client journey and marketing. This process made it much easier for us to sell and it's really intuitive. Best of all our clients are excited to buy because we properly positioned all the information they needed to hear without feeling like they are being sold to. We loved every aspect of this course and applied it to grow our online services and sales as well. Tanya has a gift for putting the information in a very logical and informative way and the workbooks are great as well. Regardless of what business you have, if you are offering services to any buyer, this course is extremely valuable! Thank you Tanya!"

Dr. Inna Lokshin
Founder of the Hormone Rebalance Clinic, Toronto, Canada

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